My name is Kiley Kievit-Haynes and I've been writing since I was seven-years-old. I may never again capture the glory of winning my school's Second Grade Write-Off with my prolific tale of sci-fi adventure in "Cloudy the White Horse," but it's a personal goal.

In the meantime, I carry on as we adults do. About ten years ago some of my freelance leads dried up. This also happened to fall into the same time of some personal strife, and I somehow ended up in the medical field working with - gasp! - numbers. And while I love the relationships I have made with my colleagues, and with the patients and their families, my true passion of writing has never faded. I still write creatively at home, constantly. Some I make my poor best friend read. Sometimes I write my own ridiculous stories for my children because I simply cannot read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" one more time. There is constantly a plot running through my head, a song of dialogue itching in my brain.

My previous professional writing history sides largely with the softer and more enjoyable side of life, though I have done various content articles on business. I want my writing to make people feel happy, entertained, and maybe they'll learn something new. Maybe they'll learn that they feel my words are garbage, but that's okay, too.

Now I find myself ready to restart the adventure. I'll never stop writing for enjoyment, and while I feel honored to be the "writer voice" of my office (a nice title they saddle you with when they want you to write all the staff emails), I am ready to take myself to the next step, to go even beyond where my writing was before. It is terrifying and exciting and I can't wait.